Vancouver Litigation Support Services Ltd. (VLSS) is a boutique firm specializing in comprehensive medical document analysis, transcription services, and support in the use of medical-legal documentation by professionals in the insurance, legal and medical industries. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, VLSS provides trusted, quality service to an expanding network of local and international clients.

Medical documents can be obscure, complicated, and often serve their own administrative purpose - the primary objective of VLSS is to bridge the medical-legal information gap, clarifying and building understanding of medical issues within a legal framework. The intersection of medicine and the law culminates in a variety of personal injury, casualty, disability, accident benefits and medical negligence cases - sometimes it takes a trained Ei to tease out the real story these documents tell, and this is where our expertise comes in. We know what documents to expect, how to decode abbreviations and medical jargon, and how to interpret the nuances of a medical history; turning an inscrutable mountain of documents into a clear, concise report and making sure nothing is lost in translation.

Our broad medical and legal knowledge allows VLSS to quickly identify pertinent issues and critical event timelines in even the most complex cases. VLSS works closely and proactively with each client, providing highly individualized service on a case-by-case basis. Over the years VLSS has consistently demonstrated the ability to deliver accurate results on time and within our clients’ budgets.